Also, you can right click on the image below to save to your computer and.or other devices. Then print it out.

You can print this out on any kind of paper of your choosing.
You can use printable photo paper, printable sticker paper, etc.
Also, I have put a few links to help anyone that needs directions on how to save and print a pdf.

YouTube has many tutorials as well.

You will be able to print them yourself on your home printer or any local store as many times as you want and cut them out by hand.
If you use photo paper or any other kind of non-adhesive paper then you can apply the stickers with your choice of glue.
Please note colours may slightly vary because every monitor, printer, and paper you use is different.

Make sure to check your paper size and that it is for the correct paper size that you are printing on.

This is my first time creating a downloadable print so let me know if there are any problems or how I can improve it.

Directions on how to Save and Print your PDF File:

How to Resize a PDF file if desired:

This is a digital download. A physical product will not be mailed to you.

I will be putting this and others in my Etsy shop soon.

For personal use only. Not for commercial use.

Copyright © 2020 Suzanne Hartman SanStarSanctum. All rights reserved

I hope you have a blessed day! Thank you for being here.

Ot Dushi, San

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