The Foundation and Introduction of “A Haegtessa’s Journey of the Crone Tarot/Oracle”

watercolor by san

from “A Haegtessa’s Journey of the Crone” tarot/oracle written and illustrated by San ( Suzanne T. Hartman)

Good day Everyone. Thank you for being here. (her name is the pronunciation of “psyche” which means “the breath of soul”) is beginning a new Archetypal Journey.

She is the Haegtessa, a hedge Witch. Her craft is her own. Not young nor old, she is no longer a Maiden and heading into becoming a Crone. explores the depths of Nature’s Darkness, which in, Unshelters the Light. She is the Breath of the Soul. which is what we all are. 

We all have a Soul. As we share our lives together, it is like breathing and living take on a new language yet it is of the eternal and our first and last language.

We are all speaking the Breath of the Soul of our Being. 

There are many definitions of a hedge witch, a haegtessa. For me, this persona has shifted to become a being who is a Witch that is free of dogma and doctrine, rooted with Nature, branched with the Cosmos, who knows Thyself, and is a Great Protector of those who have been abandoned, abused, forgotten. This haegtessa walks with the Ancestors and the Cosmos.

S/he no longer cares about human-made laws but honours the laws of Spirit. the laws of the Soul. will experience each Major Arcana in her own way, as herself. 

Each one is a Key that will unlock knowledge, understanding, and growth. 

Most tarot and oracles that I have seen show a different human for each Major Arcana card. will be each One. 

She will not be meeting different personas in different human forms. 

She will be meeting herself through each key of knowledge. 

This is the work. 

This is why we are here so that we can be at our very best overall yet know that we are human. That we make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. We are here to enjoy this life as well. And to help others. And to help ourselves. has called this Path to her.

She is going forward willingly and understands the dangers and the learning she will encounter. She has already traveled her first Journey as a younger woman, a Maiden. Now she walks in the last steps of the Mother aspect. 

One day, she will walk as the Crone and unto Death. 

These words Maiden, Mother, and Crone will be based on your own definition not mine and not tradition nor society. Whether or not one has children/a womb is not part of  the definition in this story.

For me with this Journey it is in general based on’s age and the breaking down of her ego. But You may choose however you want to identify.

She has casted herself off from her past. 

Of being an outcast is nothing new to her. 

Her ego has died and she is tired. She is recovering. eyes are of the kaleidoscopic geometric prism. She does not speak in words. Sometimes the tiny moths and butterflies are her eyes and ears. Sometimes the herbs and stones and shells are her words. Her language is the soft scent of the rose. The bitter bite of artemisia. The poison of mandrake. The medicine of lemon balm. The Sun and the Moon. and of the Song ( the uni.verse)

Her shape-shifting friend and companion Moonkip will be with her.

They come from a Red Star and travel in a star tetrahedron, Merkaba. 

Mer: Light. Ka: Spirit. Ba: Body. 

A vehicle of Light. 

She wears an iridescent white pendant that is a Crystal Egg. 

Tucked deep inside the egg is a translucent Merkaba. Inside the Merka is the crystalline red heart torus. Deep inside the red crystal heart torus is the cosmic velvety black womb of infinite life.

 And inside this darkness the Crystal Egg. 

Somehow infinite. 

It is the StarHeart Torus Tetrahedron.’s pendant has its own story. its own story for another time. 

As the Cards, the Keys, as each Archetype progresses, so do and Moonkip. 

The Haegtessa’s Journey of the Crone Oracle/Tarot starts off in darkness simply because most Beginnings do, in the Key of Tenebellae, to play as Music in flowing Grace of the Uni Verse ( One Song ), the Soul’s Breath, 

to open each Door.

and so we Begin the Begin.


As travels through the Major Arcana. the Fool’s Journey. I have decided to journey with her. with . The Breath of the Soul. I hope you will come along with us as well. Her experiences will be her own and so will yours. 

yet together.

Many many years ago, I saw a poesy ring online with the inscription “ot dushi” which means “from my soul” . This truly resonated with me. It has become a part of my signature.

my nickname “San” is from when my sisters were little and could not say “Suzanne” and one time a friend told me that the angels liked that nickname. So it is a sweet name. it is so simple. 

s a n

My writing and punctuation will change as I write. it always has. so at times it may seem odd to have no rhyme nor reason in why I capitalize some letters at certain times and the same with how I use punctuation. When I type, I feel like I am playing the piano, that I am playing music, creating music with my words.

One Last Thought

My biggest regret is that I did not start writing and painting this oracle/tarot sooner. I wish that I had had the confidence inside to do this. The confidence to start typing. to begin. because it started to weigh heavy on me that I was not expressing my inner truth.

Inner truth is beautiful. I fully understand this. 

My biggest joy of this project is that I am creating it now.

As I write and paint, ideas are flowing better.

Being stagnant. not doing the work and worrying whether it will be good enough was no fun at all. And understand Dear One nothing I do is perfect. This entirety is completely of the Wabi-Sabi mindset. 

We will be travelling together in our own unique and beautiful way along with

I love you.

Thank you for taking this first step with me. 

I Present to


The Haegtessa’s Journey of the Crone Oracle/Tarot 

Ot Dushi, San


author and artist:

.Suzanne Teresa Hartman.

Nickname San

Mother to Three Beautiful Suns. Barefoot Most of the Time. 

Poet. Painter. PictureTaker. 


i was born under the meade moon

and the holly tree

(yet it is the willow tree that always calls me home)

in the month of the salmon, cat, and unicorn

year of the snake.

my sun sign is a big cat.

rising, moon, and venus sign are the virgin maiden.

i think the stars are pretty neat and i love our planet earth so much.

the best thing ever is be ing the mama to my three boys

that i love with my entire being.


i am a vapor

living taster.

mind manifesting lover

grounded rainbow shine mother.

shadows moaning

luminescence showing.

integrated with essence

sensual blessings.

anahata’s flowers

geometric showers.


laying in warm tidal pools, riding on a polar bear from far away, flying in chariots with the gift givers of yule, cackling with the hedge witch, giving a big hug to the tree in the last unicorn, spirit dancing and spinning around a beating fire, being blessed with three beautiful Suns.

embracing a bed of lamb’s ear, getting close to baby trees, blackberries and morning glory and all wild things growing, learning the olde stories, listening to the ancient ones, cleaning a thousand messes a day, unfurling my tail so it can dry, opening my eyes to the sun and to the moon, smelling the earth in river’s rocks, painting the colours of life, weaving some words along, collecting bones, and laughing with the cosmic river.

embracing love in all its forms.

April 2014

Ot dushi, San

from “A Haegtessa’s Journey of the Crone” tarot/oracle written and illustrated by San

(Suzanne T. Hartman)